Surrounded by Weekenders

Saturday June 25th 2016

I didn’t make the run to the house today. The weather tomorrow is forecast to be about the same as today, so it was a toss up on the best day to work at the house. Staying home won out.

The campground is close to full this weekend. There are tent sites available and hookup sites in the back area on a hill. A couple of travelers arrived this evening and were escorted to the sites up on the hill. One of these was from Tennessee and one was from Illinois. My guess is they use the sites on the hill for travelers since most of them are pull thru sites.

This campground has added cabins and cottages to the available rentals. I think this has resulted in a lot of expanded groups with families staying in the cabins to camp with their friends in RVs. My neighbors are part of one such group. They are beating a steady path over to one of the cottages.

One of the down sides of the cabins is the knowledge of the occupants. Most campers get the idea pretty quickly that walking through peoples sites is not proper etiquette. On more than one occasion today people have walked through my site to get to the cabins out back. The worst case was the adult woman that walked between my camper and car, a distance of 4 feet, then under the corner of my awning just to get back to a cabin. I was inside the RV at the time, but some how I think she would have taken the same route if I was sitting outside.


Empty playground. An empty field is more entertaining.

There are lots and lots of kids in the park. The campground has some organized activities for them, but the are also doing a pretty good job of finding their own activities. I’ve seen several clusters of kids around balls playing games that only they understand the objective. The actual playgrounds are not getting a lot of action.

I spent much of the day digitizing some old cassette tapes. My objective was to get them converted to computer files so I can get rid of the last device I have that would play the cassettes. Most of what I want to keep is audio of my parents and other relatives. It’s just a sentimental thing. They don’t really sound like my memories and what they are saying is of no consequence. I completed the task, but it took a long time. It takes just as long to copy the audio as it took to record plus a little setup and file saving time.

Tomorrow will be the weekend day to get back to the work at the house.

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