Bad Traffic

Friday June 24th 2016

The weather was great today. It was in the mid 80s with low humidiy. I resumed my work around the house.

If I didn’t know it was a Friday at the start of summer, the traffic would have reminded me quickly. The drive north this morning wasn’t much different than the norm. I experienced a few more slow downs than normal, but it was still an easy commute. The afternoon was different.

In anticipation of heavy traffic I left New Hampshire before 3PM. This is quite a bit earlier than my normal departure time. It wasn’t early enough. I experienced two long periods of stop and go traffic. One strip of about 15 miles leading up to the interchange with the Massachusetts turnpike was a solid crawl. The speed never got over 20mph. The second slowdown was approaching the route 24 interchange. This stretch was only about 10 miles. Overall, it took 45 minutes to an hour longer to get home.

I will have to remember to factor the traffic into my plans for next Friday. The start of the holiday weekend will probably be worst.


RVs fill the campground

The campground has filled up nicely. I had neighbors on both sides when I got back to camp. Both sides are families with kids. The midweek quiet is over. Walking through the campground most of the sites are taken by families from the local area. There are only a few travelers in the mix. The campground has many activities planned for the weekend to keep the kids entertained.

I’ll only be commuting one of the two days this weekend. An earlier forecast implied that Saturday would be a better day to work around the house. Now it sounds like both days will be hot. I’ll decide in the morning which day.

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