The Weekend is Over

Sunday June 26th 2016

It was another beautiful summer day. It got to about 90 in southern New Hampshire. I don’t think it got as warm at the campground. It was in the low 80s when I got back this evening.

The traffic wasn’t nearly as bad today. Even with a stop for breakfast at McDonalds I made it to the house in less time than Friday. My return trip this afternoon was in the opposite direction from most of the traffic. There were a couple of times the other side of the interstate was stopped.

The highlight of today’s accomplishment at the house was another run to Goodwill. I got rid of another old computer and printer. Neither were in working order, but that doesn’t matter. Goodwill has a deal with a group that salvages the computer for parts and precious metals.

I also stopped at Home Depot for a water filter cartridge. My RV has a whole house water filter in the water input line. I replaced the filter that came with the unit about a month ago, but it isn’t the best cartridge for the application. It restricts the flow to much. The one I bought today is supposed to allow greater flow. I’ll put it in sometime this week and test it out.


Empty sites beside my rig.

The campground has emptied out of the weekend crowd. There are a few campers that held out until evening to avoid the traffic. A few others are leaving tomorrow. Some of the weekenders sites have already been taken by travelers. I saw a set of RVs from California, Oregon and Washington that came in today. They are camped in neighboring sites so I assume they are together.

One strange thing about this campground is that the office and store close at 6PM Sunday through Thursday. Anyone coming in after 6 has to follow the self reservation procedure. I can understand the early closure in the off season, but this is summer. Good thing they stay open on Friday and Saturday. It would be a mess if all the late arrivals had to fend for themselves; not to mention how much money they would loose on fire wood sales.

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