TV and Food

Sunday May 29th 2016

The weather was more comfortable today. Yesterday’s 90s were a thing of the past. Today it was cloudy and humid with the temperature in the mid to upper 70s. Toward the end of the day the sun broke through the clouds to tease us. Rain measured in inches is predicted for tomorrow.

My day was the definition of boring, but a good boring. Watching the Indianapolis 500 on the TV and grilling a pork chop for lunch compete for the highlight of my day. I stayed home today so I could watch the 100th running of the Indy 500 on television. It has been a few years since I’ve watched the 500. I’m only mildly interested in the race. The pageantry before and after the race is a bigger draw. Listening to someone sing “Back Home Again in Indiana” just makes my day (not?). Seriously is that song ever sung anywhere else? An American rookie, Alexander Rossi, won the race.


During a break in the action on the TV, I took this picture of my RV home as setup for TV viewing and pork chop grilling.

As far as the pork chop goes, it was a thick cut boneless chop that was very good. I combined it with a boiled potato and a can of corn with an ice cream sandwich for desert. Now that I’ve provided the details of my dinner, you (the reader) can judge how boring my day was and how boring this blog entry is to read.

I’ve rolled up the patio awning and put the chairs away in preparation for the wind and rain in the forecast. The tail end of a tropical depression is on its way. Hopefully, it won’t drop so much rain that the stream by my camp site overflows its banks. I’m not worried yet, it has 6 to 8 feet of vertical height and 30 feet or more of horizontal volume before there’s an issue. Time to pay attention.

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