Another Planning Day

Saturday May 28th 2016

I got a slow start this morning. It was just warm enough in the RV to make me lazier than usual. By the time I’d made the coffee and had some breakfast it was after 9am. I wanted to get started earlier so that I could get some things done at the house before it got to hot, but it was not to be.

The next thing that conspired against me was having a conversation with my neighbors. They are one of the member/owners of this campground. Before I knew it, it was approaching 11am. There was no way I’d be able to get anything significant accomplished at the house today. Between the travel time constraint and the 90plus degree temperatures I gave up any plan that included physical labor.

The day turned into a repeat of yesterday. I did some reading, watched television and surfed the Internet while sitting outside in the shade. The geese families in the stream provided a diversion from time to time.


Geese family on the near bank getting ready for another swim.


Geese family having lunch on the far bank. Daddy goose is up high watching for danger.

Also like yesterday, I did some planning for this winter. The rough plan starts with attending an October RV rally in Bradenton Florida. Then touring around FL until the end of January. I’ll then start west toward Arizona with the intent of spending March in the Phoenix area to see some of the Cactus League spring training games. Next year I will be touring in the western part of the country.

Today I made two more reservations in Florida. From November 15th through December 30th I have a site reserved at various places. I still need to figure out the weeks after the rally leading up to the middle of November and the month of January. During the early weeks I don’t have a lot of competition for sites, but January is the heart of snowbird season. I’ve got some ideas and need to get it locked in soon.

Arizona in March is even more of a crap shoot. I don’t know much about the area and the many options all seem to be in heavily populated areas. Some of my internet surfing has been to RV park review sites. Trying to decode the real message a reviewer is trying to make can be challenging. What does it mean if the text says they enjoyed their stay but they rate the place 2 out of 5?

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