Rainy Commute

Monday May 30th 2016 Memorial Day

This morning was a wet rainy mess. I drove east in intermittent heavy rain which produces some interesting traffic. Drivers react in so many different ways to inclement weather. Some brave fools totally ignore the weather and maintain excessive speeds others go overboard the opposite way by slowing down to a crawl. Hopefully I’m in the safe middle ground.

The trip to the house was a little longer having been caught behind several of the crawling kind of drivers. The rain was stopping about the time I reached the state line. As it got brighter it just got hotter, the humidity never left. It was not a day to work outdoors, so I worked on clearing out other areas of the house. By clearing out I mean adding stuff to the different piles of junk. Some will get recycled, some donated and most trashed. It isn’t much fun.

This afternoon’s return drive was less eventful. The weather was OK, but there were many more drivers on the road. The campground had emptied of the weekend residents. It was back to the lazy quiet mid week state that I enjoyed when I arrived last Tuesday. I’ve extended my stay here until next Tuesday.

My neighbors the Geese returned for a visit this evening. The goslings seem to be bigger than when I first saw them. With any luck they will be flying soon. They didn’t come around yesterday so I was a bit concerned.


The geese are getting bigger.

As I’m typing this blog, a thunderstorm has arrived from the west. A line of storms was forecast for this evening. I think this storm is later and weaker than the forecast. Hopefully, it breaks the humidity to allow for a better nights sleep.

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