Rest and Planning

Friday May 27th 2016

As predicted in yesterday’s blog, I didn’t leave the campground today. I enjoyed the warm temperatures and the light breeze. It was mostly a read, watch television and eat kind of day. All of the activity was outside under the awning for a change.

The campground has filled up for the weekend. Most of the sites around the perimeter of the field are occupied. The center of the field is being used by a couple of camping groups. They have not taken up all of the available space yet. Maybe more will arrive tomorrow.

One of the things I did accomplish today was some planning. I made reservations for the Independence Day Holiday back at the Middleborough KOA. I’m not sure where I’ll be before or after that weekend yet. I need to call the campgrounds to make reservations at many of the possible locations and a busy holiday weekend is not the best time for that. I’ll make the calls Tuesday.

While I had the calendar out, I did some planning for the end of the year. I made reservations at two places in Florida for the first part of December. The first reservation is at Jetty Park in Port Canaveral Florida. This park is right on the Atlantic Ocean at the entrance to the Port. It’s a great place to watch the cruise ships and other commercial traffic using the port. If there are any rocket launches from the Space Center while I’m there, they can also be seen from Jetty Park.

The other reservation I managed to obtain was a Sunday through Friday reservation at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort Campground. This will allow me to tour all of the Disney properties with the Christmas decorations in full display. Residents of the campground also heavily decorate. I’m going to consider this my Christmas present to myself. It’s the easiest way to justify paying 4 times the going rate for a resort campground.

All of the weekends in December were already booked at Fort Wilderness. So I did the best I could. I still need to book the second half of December and January in Florida. I have ideas that need to be investigated. I’ll also be there in November so I need to figure that one out too. The need to plan rather than just go remains a problem for me.


I think this is the same family of Geese I’ve seen the previous couple of days, but it has one less gosling.

Here at the campground I’ve seen another family or two of geese. One has goslings that are much younger than the others. I think the group from the previous photos now have only four goslings, but it could be a different family. With the campground full, more people are using the stream for recreation. This may keep the geese away; time will tell.

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