Lady Slipper in the Lawn

Thursday May 26th 2016

Today’s weather was a repeat of yesterday’s excellent accomplishment. If anything, today was a little warmer. My activities for the day were also a repeat of yesterday. I worked outside the house cutting grass and doing a little bit of curb appeal improvement.


Lady Slipper on the edge of my lawn.

While cutting the grass, I came across a wayward wild flower along the edge of the grass. It was a Lady Slipper one of my all time favorite wild flowers. As a kid, while camping at Nickerson State Park on Cape Cod, I saw many of the endangered species in the woods. It became a yearly ritual to search for Lady Slippers every spring. I even recall seeing a rare yellow one once or twice. The majority in this area are pink in color. I have spotted Lady Slippers in the woods surrounding my house before, but this is the first one that has dared to invade my yard. It’s safe from my mower since I like the little flowers so much. I don’t know about the next guy.


The Canadian Geese family swimming up stream.

Back at the RV this evening I put out the patio awning and got a chair out of the basement storage. I sat outside for a little while after diner and enjoyed the warm summer like temperatures. While I was watching the stream, my neighbors the Canadian Geese family swam by. The five goslings really get a work out swimming against the current. They seem to have the swimming thing down, I wonder when the flying starts?

With all the traffic on the roads tomorrow, I’ll be staying at the RV most of the day. The campground has started to fill up for the long weekend. It should be full by tomorrow night.

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