Pictures along the Canal

Thursday April 28th 2016

Today’s recreation was walking on the Cape Cod Canal service road. I thought about riding my bicycle, but the temperature and wind shot that idea down. It only got to the low 50s with a strong penetrating wind. The chill would often penetrate three layers of clothing.


Canadian Geese in the marsh


Gull on a rock


Sail boat coming under the rail road bridge. Massachusetts Maritime Academy in the background

My first excursion of the day was the longest. About 10am I walked from the campground to the railroad bridge a little over a mile and half away. I took pictures of anything that moved not human. Some of those pictures are included in this blog post.


Close up of the sailboat as it passes


Another Gull holding court on a rock in the canal

After lunch I went on another shorter walk in the opposite direction. I followed the service road about a half mile to the end of the campground. I came back through the campground to avoid the wind. The campground has a lot of RVs on sites, but very few people. By Saturday most of these rigs will be full of people for the weekend.


Seagull about to land in the water


Catamaran style boat in the canal. Bourne bridge in the background.

The third walk of the day was after supper. It was the shortest walk. I went along the canal service road to the opposite end of the campground from the earlier walk and did a loop back to my site. My site is about mid way along the expanse of the campground on the canal.


A gathering of birds

I haven’t seen any large commercial traffic in the canal since Tuesday, the day I arrived. I’ve set up the scanner to listen to the radio traffic between the ships and Canal Control. You can usually only hear the canal control dispatcher side of the conversation, but it gives you an idea when something is going through the canal. As I write this entry there are a couple of towed barges on the way into the canal. I don’t think I’ll go out in the dark and watch them pass. There will be others during my stay.

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