Traffic in the Canal

Wednesday April 27th 2016

The thing that I like best about this campground is the easy access to the Cape Cod Canal service road. My camp site is about 200 feet from one of the sets of stairs down to the service road. If I want to ride my bicycle on the service road it’s only a short ride through the campground to access the service road with the bike.

This evening, before the sun fully set, I took a short walk along the canal. It was short because of the cold wind blowing along the canal. I was rewarded for my effort by a fishing boat going by during my walk. The boats that go through the canal are one of the better forms of entertainment. You can see most any type of marine vessel in the canal from small pleasure craft to big tankers. By far the most common form of commercial traffic is tug and barge combinations.


Fishing boat about to pass under the Bourne bridge over the Cape Cod Canal.

It seems like the bigger the ship the quieter it goes by. The big cargo ships and tankers seem to just glide down the canal. The fishing boats have noisy diesel engines that make you think it is something much bigger. Perhaps the noisiest things in the canal are the tugs pushing fully loaded barges against the current.

The train on the other side of the canal has all of the shipping traffic beat for noise. Between its engine, clacking wheels on the rails and horn for each crossing it can not be ignored. This time of year it does not go by often. Later in the year an excursion train uses the tacks several times a day.

Tomorrow I’ll take a longer walk on the canal service road or maybe a bicycle ride. Depending on the weather and wind direction, I might even do both.

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