The weekend is here

Friday April 29th 2016

In this life style it is not always easy to know the day of the week. Even if I didn’t know that today was Friday, there are a number of clues.

The traffic coming back to the Cape was terrible. Cars with sporting equipment like bikes, kayaks and boats were mixed with the everyday commuter traffic. The flow of cars slowed to a crawl at every major intersection. To many drivers are not in the correct lane to exit or don’t know how to merge as they enter the traffic flow. Once one car puts its barks on all the following cars react in kind. It easily added a half hour to the travel time.

In the campground the population has gone from next to nobody to a growing community level. I’m sure more people will arrive Saturday morning. I now have neighbors on three sides and the air is full of the smells of campfires.


Small boat in the canal

In the canal there are more small boats and fewer commercial ships. From past experience, I expect the commercial traffic will return on Sunday night. Tugboat operators seem to take the weekend off like many workers.

The empty campground and the populated campground both have their attractions. Sleeping late in the morning is easier in the empty campground, while security in the populated campground is better. I tend to wonder about every slow moving car in the empty campground even though there is a manned gate at the entrance. Similarly, as I walk through the empty campground anyone who is here, seems to watch me closely. Careful or paranoid, you tell me.

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