Rainy Travel Day

Tuesday April 26th 2016

It was a rainy travel day. I only had about 100 miles to travel, but it would all be in the rain. Since I couldn’t check in until after 1pm, I took my time getting ready for travel this morning. Unfortunately, that put my travel time right into the worst of the rain storm.

The excitement of the travel day was enhanced my a minor incident. When I stopped at the toll both on the Mass Pike to pick up my travel tickets the window wouldn’t close. I continued along in the rain with the window open to the rest area about 2 miles away. Surprisingly the rain was not coming in the open window.

This is not the first time this problem occurred. Last November on my first travel day heading south I had a similar problem. That time I pulled into a shopping area and worked the switch on the power window up and down while holding the trim away from the glass to get the window to close. This time I was not so lucky.

For about 20 minutes in the rest area I tried similar techniques without success. The window binds when it is at the bottom stop. Since I had traveled a couple of miles without getting rain in the window, I decided to continue on with the window open. I put my hooded sweatshirt and hooded rain jacket on to ward off the chill and rain if it decided to come in and headed on.

As I traveled I planned how I was going to take the panel of the door to get to the motor and mechanisms. Occasionally, I’d play with the switch to see if the bouncing and flexing of travel on the highway had freed up the window. Somewhere after I had paid the toll and was heading down Interstate 495, the window slowly closed when I pushed the switch. I was out of trouble and cab of the RV was starting to warm up.

Tolls on the Massachusetts Turnpike when you are towing a car are interesting. They give you two toll tickets. One for the Motorhome and one for the car. The Motorhome gets charged as a two axle dual wheeled truck and the car as such. If they gave you one ticket for the total of 4 axles the toll would be significantly higher. It’s amazing they do something right for the consumer.


Site B-9 at Bourne Scenic Park. All of the long term units around me are vacant today, so it is very quiet.

When I checked in the rain was starting to let up. I have site B-9 for the next three weeks. This is a campground that I really enjoy right on the Cape Cod canal. I’ll be able to watch the shipping in the canal and walk/ride the service road on the side of the canal.

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