Just another Monday

Monday April 25th 2016

Today wasn’t a very interesting day and consequently neither will this blog post. I worked on various little things at the house. No real measurable progress was achieved.

It was a cloudy day with a high temperature around 60. This is the normal high for this time of year in Southern New England. If I wasn’t anxious to get moving with things up here, I would have been wise to stay south in the mid Atlantic area for another month. Maybe then I wouldn’t have caught this cold and definitely wouldn’t be running the heat to stay warm.

Tomorrow is predicted to be a rainy day with high temperatures in the 40s. I am planning on moving my RV home tomorrow. I won’t be moving a long distance so the bad weather shouldn’t be a big problem, just a small annoyance.


Ducks at the pond getting ready for the rainy day.

The ducks in the pond are getting ready for the rainy day. I’ve been watching them every evening. This is the first night I’ve seen any on the beach. Usually they are on the back side of the pond or way down the far end. Tonight a few were down the far end, but three were on the beach.

1 thought on “Just another Monday

  1. Geeze! I had hoped you’d be healthy again by now😃 Really try megadoses of C and some zinc.
    Hope the move goes well today.


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