Twenty Four Little Hours

Sunday April 24th 2016

What a difference a day makes. When I departed the campground this morning my RV home was squeezed in between two fifth wheel trailers. When I returned tonight all of the weekend campers were gone. I was the only RV in the center drive through sites. The semi permanent units around the perimeter were the only sign of life at the campground.


View from the door of my RV home after all the weekend campers departed.

The whole campground has quieted down from the weekend activity and even from the activity in the evenings last week. I attribute that to the end of the local school vacation week. Campground use very clearly tracks with the school year. The quiet is interrupted by an occasional barking dog so there are still people here, but the high pitched voices of kids at play has gone away.

I only have a couple of more nights booked here before I move on. I would like to move to the Cape Cod canal. Tomorrow I’ll make a call or two and try to secure a site. I don’t anticipate any issues before the memorial day weekend, but there is always the possibility of some special event I don’t know about. Many of the inland campgrounds haven’t opened for the season yet.

The cold I caught with my return to the north continues to zap my energy and ambition. The congestion part of the cold is under control, but I run of steam quickly when I start to do anything very physical. It may be slowing the task of getting the house ready for market or maybe I’d find another excuse. I tend to drag my feet then suddenly jump into high speed. We’ll see.

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