Campsite Arrangement Rant

Saturday April 23rd 2016

Tonight’s blog post will be a bit of a rant so I apologize up front. The target of my frustration tonight is primarily the management of this campground although the guy in the 5th wheel trailer next door gets his share too.

As I mentioned in Tuesday nights blog entry the site I am on is setup with shared utilities. This configuration means that the line of campers will be alternating back to back followed by front to front. Each successive site is entered from the opposite direction. It is often called buddy sites since the area between the front to front campers becomes shared space.

Campground use this design to minimize costs. They only have to have one set of utility boxes and water connections for every two campers. It also produces a higher density of camp sites thus greater revenue potential. It’s not the best setup but I can live with it if the campground lives up to its side of the bargain.

The campground needs to make sure the sites are used correctly. As a minimum they need to make sure the camper checking in understands how to get to the site correctly and what is expected of them. The best option would be if the camper is lead to the site by campground personnel who assist the camper into the site. Having someone lead you to your site is very common and this park seems to have enough employees floating around to implement the practice.

When I checked in I was told what type of site I was getting. The map I was provided also shows the direction needed to approach and use each site. If my new neighbors were told or not I don’t know. I also don’t know if they have enough camping experience to understand what these sites are all about.

Last night shortly after the first set of thunderstorms went through a 5th wheel trailer pulled into the site next to me the wrong way. Their drivers side was within a couple of feet of my passenger side. The driver was smart enough to know that he couldn’t open his slide out rooms where he was so he started “loudly talking” at his wife about the bad site. From my position in my RV less than 10 feet from them it was clear that he was not a happy camper. If the campground had sent someone to show him to his site he wouldn’t have been in this position.

A couple of minutes into his discussion with his wife someone in another camper that was traveling with him pointed out the error of his ways with respect to how he parked in the site. Now you’d think he would pull out go around the loop and enter the site correctly, but not this guy.


How not to park a fifth wheel trailer in a shared hookup site. Not the 18 inch separation between the slides. The trailer on the next site to the right is equally confused, but it doesn’t have slide out rooms nor does its neighbor further to the right. 

He pulled forward and backed up several times to move away from my unit another 3 feet until he could open his slides. He wasn’t listening to the directions his wife was providing to move over more. There is now about 18 inches between his living room slide out and my bedroom slide out. Another 4 feet or so that should be between our units as shared space is on his curb side for him alone to use.  He’s oblivious to what a selfish SOB he is.

I will survive. This is about the amount of space between rigs you get at an RV rally. They’re only here for the weekend and I’m not here during the day. I’m keeping the shades in my bathroom and bedroom closed so I can successfully ignore them. The weather is not warm enough that I need to sit outside or have the windows open.

My rant in the form of a suggestion will be shared with the campground management, if I can ever find them. The basic point is that one short escort to the site would have prevented this weekend drama from happening. I probably won’t be back to this campground and I’m pretty sure my neighbor won’t be back. Weekend campers who arrive after a full day of work don’t need to be presented with confusing camp sites and parking requirements beyond their comprehension.

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