After Rain Time for Fun

Wednesday March 30th 2016

The rain finally came to an end. Today was a sunny day with temperatures in the 80s. I went for one last visit to the Animal Kingdom for this winter stay.
The plan was to ride the Kali River Rapids and the Kilimanjaro Safari. The river rapids ride was closed the last few times I visited the park. I had afternoon Fastpass+ times for the River Rapids and the Safari ride so I arrived at the park shortly afternoon. The first order of business was lunch at the Flame Tree Barbecue. I had a pulled pork sandwich which was pretty good for theme park food.
After lunch I headed to the Asia area of the park where the Kali River Rapids ride is located. I found the ride to be shut down for repairs with no idea when it would be back up and running. The primary reason for going to the park was not going to happen. My focus switched to viewing the various animal displays.


Monkey in the Asia area walking across a rope bridge


Pluto in a character greeting area.


Ostrich on the Safari


Meerkats at play




Gorilla in the single males area.

The park was full of two legged humanoid animals, but seemed to be missing some of the regular featured animals. There were no tigers available for viewing on the Maharajah Jungle Trek and the Gorilla family on the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail were to quote the cast member “off stage for feeding and enrichment”. Many of the animals on the safari were lethargic in the mid day sun. The only lion visible was a sleeping male.

The safari ride I took included a first.  I was one of a group that was selected to fill the handicapped safari vehicle.   The only thing special about this ride is that you load and unload in a different area making the ride a little longer.   This driver was not one of the best, she never really stopped the vehicle to allow you to take good pictures.  Other drivers will come to a complete stop to allow for steady picture taking .  This driver slowed to a crawl, but the vehicle still was bouncing around.


Seating for new River of Light show

The construction on the new Avitar area continues. Two big cranes are in place to build another mountain in that area. The new land called Pandora will open sometime next year. Other construction on the viewing area for new night time River Light Show is almost complete. The new show sounds like it will be a lot like Fantasmic at Disney Hollywood Studios except using animal images instead of Disney villains. It is scheduled to premier at the end of April.

I might try to go back to the park on Sunday to ride the Kali River Rapids. It will depend on how my preparations for heading north are going and the weather.

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