Where’s the Ark

Tuesday March 29th 2016

It was a foggy morning. About ten it started to clear off and heat up just enough to fuel the thunderstorms that began around two thirty. Four hours later the rain ran out of gas. That about sums up the highlights of the day.


Rain out the front window of the RV

I’ve been lucky with the weather this winter. Up until the last week there haven’t been long periods of rain. There have been a few days with severe storms going through but not multiple days in a row like now. The forecast for the next couple of days is drier, but then more rain over the weekend.
Today, I did some more preparation work for next weeks departure and some reading. I’m more focused on traveling now than on finding other things to do around here. I have a few more things planned  like a couple more trips over to Disney and another baseball game, but I’m not actively looking for more things to do in this area. If things go as loosely planned, I’ll be back in this area later in the fall for a couple of months. I’ll do more new things at that time. This seems to be some form of “itch” to get on the road.  Next winter will not include 4 months in one place.

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