A Day with the Animals

Friday January 29th 2016

Today was a beautiful sunny day with highs in the mid 60s. The Florida natives are complaining it is to cold. After two days of rain, I’m not complaining. I spent the day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.


Animal Kingdom Tree of Life

The park has change quite a bit since I was last there at the end of 2008. The area off to the left as you enter used to host the Lion King Show and the Camp Mini-Mickey character viewing area. It is now a closed construction area for the new Avitar Land. This new attraction is scheduled to open in 2017.
The Africa area of the park has also been updated. The Lion King show is now located in this area and an additional market area has been added. The Kilimanjaro Safari, which departs from this area, has also be enhanced.
The safari used to pretend to chase poachers. This lame story line has been abandon. In its place is a longer route for the safari and new animal encounter areas. For example, I believe the wild dogs and warthog areas are new.
Another change being made to the park is the addition of a night time River show. A large seating area and other theme elements are being constructed near the theater for Finding Nemo – The Musical. The River of Lights show is scheduled to debut late this spring. More information on the River of Lights can be found in this Disney Video.
I had a good time seeing the animals, watching the shows and taking the safari. I could have done without riding the Dinosaur Attraction. It isn’t much more than a bouncy, twisty, ride on a mechanical bucking jeep. Another minute or two and I’d have had a good case of motion sickness.

I need to go back on a warmer day when some of the heat sensitive animals may be out. None of the outside tropical birds or lizards were available for viewing. The down side is that when it’s warmer the crowds will be bigger. Oh well …

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