Fifth Day of Rain

Monday March 28th 2016

Today was the fifth straight day of rain. About 10:30 this morning the threatening skies opened up. It rained off and on until about five in the afternoon. My day was mostly spent at home doing various tasks needed to be completed before I head north.
This park is starting to empty out. Two more of my neighbors left this morning for other locations. Folks started leaving a couple of weeks ago, but the real rush may have started this morning. Many folks are starting to put stuff away that they’ve gotten out during their stay.


Three non-occupied sites. Form the left, the park model residents have returned to Canada, a fifth wheel trailer from Georgia has returned home leaving his shed and steps and the third site was left completely vacant.

It’s interesting how people leave their sites. The basic winter resident like me, picks up everything and leaves the site empty. Those people that are coming back to the same site next year, probably for the Nth time, stack things up around their storage sheds before pulling out with their RV. People with park model RVs that don’t travel pick up stuff then lock the door and leave. A couple these have others come by later to finish picking things up and preparing the rig for summer hibernation.
This RV park also has a storage area. This yard holds RVs for the people that spend the winter in neighborhood homes. In February it was full to over flowing, but those RVs are also heading out. This exodus is undoubtedly going on all across Florida.
I am both looking forward to and dreading the trip north. I’m ready to head out. It has been to long in one place, but I don’t look forward to fighting the others in the exodus for places to stay. I will be leaving here next Monday April 4th. I have a reservation for a couple of nights up around Daytona Beach and I am looking for a place to reserve near Charleston South Carolina for a few days. I will be taking it slow stopping for a few days at a few places going north.

1 thought on “Fifth Day of Rain

  1. Safe travels, Rob. Keep the posts coming. I like to know what you are up to on this journey. Find a good place for us to retire.


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