Celebration Walk

Sunday March 27th 2016

Today was another humid day with temperatures in the high 80s. The sun was out for a few hours in the middle of the day but it was mostly cloudy. The rain finally came about 5:30PM, but it was not as severe as the last couple of days. Another batch of storms is forecast overnight.
Early in the afternoon I took a drive over to Celebration. This is a fancy community designed by Disney. I’ve been over there a couple of times before to use the post office. This time I went with a plan to walk some of its exercise paths.
On the way into Celebration I passed the Catholic church and was reminded that it was Easter. The service was just getting out. They had made accommodations for the extra crowds with additional parking in a nearby field and a tent with chairs and closed circuit TV in the church yard for the extra people. The people leaving the church were in all levels of dress. Some were in their Easter finery complete with hats, while others were in shorts and flip flops. I would think somewhere in the middle is the most appropriate.


View of the town center of Celebration from across the pond

The path I walked was around a couple of the main ponds. Lots of people were out enjoying the afternoon. I think most of the walkers had homes in the community. Others may have come for Easter dinner at some of the restaurants. There was quite a line at a couple of them.
Along the path were a number of photogenic birds and water lilies in the pond that are about to blossom. As a reminder that this is Florida there was even an alligator. I don’t think it was big enough yet to endanger dogs or little children. It does remind you to be aware.

Overall it was a pleasant walk on a hot and humid day. Not to long with opportunities to be out of the sun.

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