Visiting Celebration

Tuesday February 2nd 2016

Today was a routine day. Get up, make coffee, and have breakfast watching TV. Today this was followed by a walk around the RV park. The distance around the park is not long, but the walk is enough to get the day started.
Back at my RV home, I sit outside under the awning. The outside TV is on, but I’m not paying much attention. I use the time to catch up on the news and useless information from the internet. The weather today is perfect for this lazy approach. The temperature was in the 70s with a light breeze.
During the afternoon I went for a drive to Celebration to drop off some mail at the post office. Celebration, is Disney’s version of a master planned community. They planned and started the community in the 90s. Today they have very little direct involvement.
Celebration has lots of little villages of single family homes, town houses, multilevel condos and apartments. The architecture is very eclectic including designs from several major architects. It doesn’t look like any of the other tract developments going on in central Florida. The downtown area has a mixture of an old town feel and art deco. Signage is apparently heavily restricted. I did not know I was in front of the post office until I saw someone come out with a package. Also, the Bank of America across the common area from the post office had only a very small sign in the window. You need to know where your going or have plenty of time to wander around to find you destination.


Main road leading from the town center to the lake in Celebration Florida

There are banks, offices, boutique shops, a theater and lots of restaurants. People, who appear to be residents as opposed to tourists, are walking around, sitting on benches and just generally enjoying the area. From that perspective, I would say the master plan has worked. The residential villages are spread out over a large area with open space and parks between them. I did not see much new construction going on, but there was ample space prepared for future expansion.

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