Working around the Thunderstorm

Friday March 25th 2016

Today was divided into two parts separated by a dozzy of a thunderstorm. For about an hour and a half during the afternoon the skies roared and flashed with the rain coming down sideways. The national weather service had several severe storm warnings out, but not until the storm had passed through my location.
Before the storm I went out in a similar direction as yesterday’s trip to Leesburg. I wanted to stop at a couple of places. The first was a roadside stand that sold citrus and a bunch of tourist focused products. One of the draws was a huge plastic shark hanging as if it had just been caught. As you drive by it looks pretty real. If it wasn’t 70 miles inland you might actually believe it had just been caught.


Plastic Shark tourist draw

I stopped with the thought that I’d buy some grapefruit, but I was turned off by the small size of the available selection. Many of the grapefruit were the size of a large orange and to top that they were about 3 dollars a piece when you do the math on the number that fit in a $24 bag.
Some of the other products for sale were equally as expensive but slightly more exotic. They had a large selection of fruit wines. I can only guess what mango wine fermented with chocolate tastes like. It doesn’t sound very appetizing to me. Mango maybe, but where does the chocolate come in?
I continued on north looking for another bicycle path trail head. The one I found was located in the town of Minneola. The trail head was in a town park complete with ball park, basketball court and dog parks. I walked a portion of the trail, but it leads into a residential area so I turned back. I prefer trails that are more in a natural setting.
As the weather changed from partial sun to darkening skies, I went back to my RV home to have lunch and ride out the storm. As long as the winds are not extreme the RV is safe in the storm. I need to close up all the windows and turn on the Air Conditioning, but other than a continuous pounding on the roof it is comfortable. I keep the weather radio on alert and check the radar using my phone to make sure I’m not surprised.
The weather cleared by 4PM and I headed out to Old Town and the Fun Spot next door. I wanted to see these areas with the spring breakers in attendance. When I’ve been in the past the rides weren’t getting a lot of action. That wasn’t the case this time. There was actually a line of people waiting to ride the Vomatron and the other rides. One rider of the Vomatron walked away after the ride on unsteady feet, sat on a nearby bench and put his head between his knees. I don’t think I’d even get that far; I probably wouldn’t even be able to get out of the Vomatron seat.


Big truck at Fun Spot America

Tomorrow’s forecast is similar to today. The timing on the thunderstorms may be in late afternoon instead of today’s early afternoon storm. I need to work around the weather.

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