When is the rain going to start?

Thursday March 24th 2016

It was not an exciting day. The weather was threatening rain all day. It finally decided to rain in a big way about 6:30 in the afternoon. A line of thunderstorms is currently making its way across the state. I had to close all the windows and turn on the Air Conditioning to keep the rain out and ward off the humidity. The noise on the roof requires the volume on the TV to be cranked up to the three quarter mark; not fun when the rain pauses.
The excitement for the day was a trip to Walmart for ant spray followed by a drive up route 27 to Leesburg FL. The ant spray is to combat the tiny little things that got into the wet bay. They probably followed the sewer hose into the compartment. I need to get them under control before they get bigger or move into the main part of the rig. Just one more of the little maintenance style tasks needed for daily living in the RV.
The drive north on route 27 was a whim looking for something interesting to do that was not impacted by the rain. I stopped at a couple of the lakes but other than a few stray seagulls and people launching boats there wasn’t much to see. At Leesburg I looped around to the east coming back into Orlando on Rt 441. Lots of traffic lights to manage the heavy traffic. At each light there is either a Publix supermarket, a Walgreens, a CVS or one of the big box stores. I’m pretty sure I’ve been in the area before and it was mostly woodlands, citrus groves and small towns, but that was 30 or more years ago. Population increase means building houses requiring shopping all of which mean fewer trees. Progress …
The next two or three days are forecast to be similar to today. Now that I understand better what the meteorologists are talking about I can plan better. It appears that morning through mid afternoon are fairly safe from big rain events. That means I need to get up and get going if I want to do things. This is fighting my current trend of lingering over coffee and the internet in the morning.
I think getting used to the way weather is forecast in different areas of the country is going to be one of the challenges of the rambling road trip. When you live in the area you understand the directions that storms come from and the factors that impact the severity of the storms. I’ve always heard that New England is one of the hardest places to forecast the weather, but the TV meteorologists down here sure make it seem hard. It may just be that Orlando doesn’t get high quality talent.

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