Grapefruit League Games

Tuesday March 8th 2016
Wednesday March 9th 2016

The last two days have been focused on spring training baseball games. I watch two Red Sox games. The first game was in Sarasota FL against the Baltimore Orioles and the second game was against the Pittsburgh Pirates in Bradenton FL.
The Red Sox won both games with very few of the big name players. The game against the Orioles had some of the Sox’s young starts like Jackie Bradly Jr and Mookie Betts starting the game, but prospects, lesser known major league players and Non-roster invitees play most of the game.


Red Sox at Ed Smith Stadium in Sarasota Fl playing the Orioles

The game against the Pirates had Pablo Sandoval as big as ever starting at 3rd base. The rest of the players were similar to the game against the Orioles; very few recognizable players. Neither game had David Ortiz, Hanley Ramirez or Dustin Pedroia. Seems like they’re to privileged to have to travel 2 hours on a bus. Can’t really blame them, just would have been nice to see them.


Grounds crew at work at McKechnie Field in Bradenton FL

It is fun to watch the games and all of the action at the stadium. Comparing how the grounds crews at each stadium keep the field ready for play was interesting. The guys in Sarasota have won awards for the way they keep the field and it shows.

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