Another ride on the Van Fleet trail

Monday March 7th 2016

This morning I got the bicycle tires aired up and loaded on the back of the car for the 40 mile drive to the trail head. There is something odd about driving 80 miles round trip for a little more than 2 hours of bicycle riding. In those 2 hours, I only did about thirteen miles of riding. I stopped often to look and listen for wildlife.
It was not a great day for wildlife on the trail. Most of my sightings were in one deeper section of swamp water. This hole had a couple of turtles and 2 aligators. One gator was an adult and the other was a baby. The baby gator was about a foot long. I wonder how old that makes it?


Baby alligator on a log


Turtle taking the sun

A gopher tortoise and many circling hawks round out the sightings. I don’t know what had the hawks so motivated, but I saw more raptors riding the wind currents than I’ve ever seen before. I still wonder if a couple of the circling raptors wasn’t an eagle, but without pictures I can’t do any kind of accurate look up.
Back at the RV this afternoon, I completed a bunch of housekeeping chores. I did the dishes then dumped and flushed the holding tanks. There are always routine chores to breakup the fun stuff.

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