A shopping day

Thursday March 10th 2016

Today was a warm and windy day with partial cloud cover. A good day, but not one to inspire great adventure. It was a great day for reprovisioning. I went grocery shopping.
I’m usually in a grocery store every day or two. The last few days filled with activity have not allowed this dribble resupply approach. I was out of many things including the basics of milk, eggs and bread. Around here that means a trip to a Super Walmart. This time I went to the one in Haines City to the south of the RV park. The only thing I don’t like about shopping at Walmart is the meats and produce. I’ll go to “regular” supermarkets for those items.
This stock-up mission with my regular every few day updates should get me through the end of the month. Then I’ll need to stock up for the trip north. As I head back to New England, I probably won’t stop for more than a couple of days at a time.
Later in the day, I drove up International Drive. This is the convention, hotel and tourist trap road that parallels Interstate 4 between the Disney area and Universal Studios. Some of the tourist related “fun” things on this road are a Ripples Believe it or Not, a Ferris Wheel not quite as big as the London Eye or the Vegas one, and amusement rides similar to those at the Fun Spot at Old Town in Kissimmee. None of these got my interest. Hopefully, later in the day they will get other peoples attention, but at about 5PM it was pretty empty.
The only place I stopped was at the Bass Pro Shops at the end of the road. This mega sporting goods store is always fun to wander through. Each store is a little different. They are tailored to the local area. This one was heavily focused on fishing. The only real wildlife display in this store was a large aquarium, not a huge area of stuffed animals. I poked through the store for about an hour, but didn’t make any purchases; the best kind of shopping.

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