First time binge watching

Saturday February 27th 2016

It was a beautiful day today, but I didn’t leave the RV Park today. I got caught by the schedulers at NBC Universal. I seem to have ended up binge watching the first half season of the new series Blindspot.
The day started with indecision. I didn’t have a real plan for the day. As usual the TV was on for background noise as I search the Internet for details on possible destinations for the day. By noon I still hadn’t gotten in gear to leave the RV when a marathon of Blindspot started on the USA network.
The series premiered on NBC last fall. I had heard the promos and was mildly interested in the premise. A woman found naked in New York’s Time Square completely covered in tattoos. She has no memory of her identity or the origin of the tattoos. The FBI discovers the tattoos are clues to various crimes and government corruption. I wasn’t interested enough last fall to begin watching the series, but I got sucked into today’s marathon.
It is an interesting mystery story with some fun code breaking thrown in for good measure. The plot is complicated with bad good guys and good bad guys plus a little romance thrown in for good measure. The early episodes that deal primarily with following the clues of the tattoos are better than the episodes that get hung up on the subplots. The marathon did serve its purpose, it will get me to watch the new episodes on NBC starting on Monday, but if they don’t go back to solving the mystery of the tattoos as the primary plot mechanism, I won’t watch for long.
During one of the marathon’s slow periods I took a walk around the RV resort. A few more sites are filling up with new arrivals for the month of March. The regulars tell me that it is normal for March to be the busiest. The only complication might be the early date for Easter. Many winter Floridians are expected to head north before Easter which is at the end of the month.  I won’t be heading north until the beginning  of April.
My other accomplishment during the marathon was my planning for the next few days. I found some new places to visit including state parks and bike trails.

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