Walking the trail around Lake Minneola

Sunday February 28th 2016

I got a better start to the day today. I got up, ate and got out of the RV. My destination was the trail around Lake Minneola in Clermont about 30 miles up route 27. Sunday morning traffic was not bad compared to a week day.
I found the trail by the lake. It was a very active trail. There were walkers with and without dogs, runners, skate boarders and bicycle riders of all ages. It was a busy multi-use trail around part of the lake. I walked the section along the lake shore. When the path turned inland among the houses I turned around. My guess is I walked three miles or so round trip.
The day of full sunshine in the low 70s with only a gentle breeze were perfect conditions for viewing the lake and the birds around the shore. In the middle of the lake was an array of buoys that broke the water surface into a grid or possibly lanes. It appears to be for some sort of regatta, but I heard one couple speculating it was for aqua-farming. The buoy array can be seen in the background of the picture of the Great Egret landing below.


Great Egret ever alert


Great Egret taking off


Great Egret landing. Note the buoy array in the lake.

This trail is in a residential area. Houses and town homes surround the lake, but there were a few birds in the trees and water along the trail. The most pronounced of the lot were the great egrets, but there were ducks and ibises in the water as well. At one point on my walk I heard a pecking sound. A closer look at a near by tree found a red-bellied woodpecker suspended under a branch digging away for insects.


Red-Bellied Woodpecker

I’m glad I didn’t bring my bicycle. It was far to crowded. If I decide to ride this trail it will be a week day. What would hold me back is the likely hood that there are significant hills leaving the area around the pond.

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