Lunch at Disney Springs

Friday February 26th 2016

It was a bring sunshiny cool day in central Florida. The temperature never got out of the 60s. From a northerners perspective it was a beautiful day. The natives were cold.
Today was a day with a lot of driving. When I filled the gas tank this morning, I was serenaded by a lone bird on top of one of the pumps. The acoustics were such that the bird overwhelmed the piped in music and the engine noises. I’m not sure what kind of bird it was or why it was singing. I didn’t see any other birds around that might have been the subject a mating ritual. It was the middle of a busy street area.


Singing Bird on a gas pump

The highlight of the day was lunch with friends at Disney Springs. We ate at Cookes of Dublin. It was a nice day to walk around and observe the things that have changed with other people familiar with the area.
While at the Springs I had the opportunity to get some pictures of the Amphicars in action. They were doing a brisk business today.


Amphicar afloat in the lake


Amphicar coming out of the lake

Looking at the cars in the water you wonder why they don’t sink. The passenger compartment appears to be reasonably water tight and the fat tires add buoyancy, but they only sit a little over a foot above the surface of the water. I would think a good wave from a passing boat or the wind would flood the car. However, according to the “always accurate” wikipedia, Amphicars have survived ocean voyages.


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