Thursday February 25th 2016

Today I did some reconnaissance. That means I drove around looking at things I might do at some future time. This was a good day to be in the car. It was very windy and not warm in the 60s.
My first destination was Lakeland Fl. I wanted to see what the spring training facility of the Detroit Tigers looked like. Joker Marchant stadium is an older stadium built in 1966. The facility called Tiger Town is being upgraded with a completion date of 2017.
As I drove around the facility I noticed a crowd along the fence for one of the back practice fields. There were players taking batting practice. The spectators lined the outfield fence. Some were using binoculars to watch the action. I’m guessing other watchers expected the players to eventually come out to the outfield. I didn’t see a good place to park, so I kept driving. I may try to see a game toward the end of March.
The other destination that I checked out for future reference was the southern trail head for the Van Fleet Bike Trail. This location is right in Poke City. I had checked it out once before, but this time I had a specific purpose for my visit. I wanted to see if the landscape was anything other than cattle range. The half a mile or so that I walked was through marsh land with spanish moss draped trees. I didn’t see any wild life except for a few small birds.


Moss draped trees lined the trail.

I’m not sure I’ll ride this section of the trail. It doesn’t have anything different than  areas of the trail I’ve already experienced.   I will either have to do the northern end of the trail or find another trail.

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