More about the weather

Wednesday February 24th 2016

The main theme  for the day was the weather. It started to rain at about 8:30 and ended about 4PM with a 2 hour break about noon. This wasn’t ordinary rain but severe thunderstorms with tornado watches and warnings in the area.
This immediate area was never under any warnings, but to the south, west and east of here had warnings.
I am located at the extreme north eastern edge of Polk county. This area is somewhat overlooked by the local TV stations. The Orlando stations do not consider Polk county as part of there broadcast area. If there is a big story, they’ll send a reporter, but it isn’t in their normal ambulance chasing routes. The Tampa stations do consider Polk county as part of their area. I receive one Tampa news channel on the over the air TV. Their interest in Polk county ends at about Lakeland which is about 30 miles southwest of here. The part of the county from Lakeland northeast is not well served.
What all of this means is that unless something is going on like a severe thunderstorm or a tornado warning, neither sets of stations seem to pay much attention. There forecasts don’t reference this area. The same goes for the National Weather service. Even though this location is closer to the Melbourne Florida weather office, all of Polk county is supported by Tampa for forecasts. Thankfully, the alerts are broadcast from both locations.
I have regular weather alert radios and three Apps on my smart phone. The Apps can alert me just like the radio when warnings are issued by the National Weather Service. Another feature of the Apps is “real time” radar. They receive the feed from the national weather service radar and can show the storms as they track across the area. One of them will even estimate when the rain will start and end. What would we do without technology?
Finally about 4PM the sun was breaking through the clouds and the various radars showed nothing on the way. I took advantage to get out of the rig. I ended up back over at Old Town. Today’s car display had a little more variety than the ones I saw last Friday. This display had cars from the 20s, 30s, 50s, 60s and later. They still seem to be mostly Fords.


This one is for sale


This Ford is from Ontario.

There were not as many people at Old Town or the amusement park next door. The weather is probably the cause. The people who were there were waiting for the entertainment to start, but that was delayed by the weather too. I didn’t hang around long as it was getting cool. The front had passed.

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