Rain Sun Rain Sun Rain

Tuesday February 23rd 2016

Nothing particularly adventurous happened today. I’m blaming the weather, but a do nothing day now and then is not a bad thing.
Starting last evening it has rain heavily for a few hours at a time twice. Between these rain showers it was bright sunshine this morning and again late this afternoon. Another session of heavy rain, this time associated with a cold front, is predicted for tomorrow mid day. After that a period of cooler than normal weather is predicted through the weekend.
Today’s mid day storms were blowing rain through my open windows. I had to close the windows and turn on the Air Conditioner for the first time since October in Mississippi. Does that mean I’ve already lost my northern hardiness? Many of the folks in the RVs around me have their ACs on any time the temperature gets into the mid 70s.
Before the rain started this morning I got a grocery run in and after the rain stopped I got the laundry done. During the mid day storms I just watched TV and read Internet news. So it was a productive day. Just not a fun filled day.

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