EPCOT for Dinner

Monday February 22nd 2016

Although it is raining now as I write this blog entry, today was a nice sunny day with highs in the 80s. I spent most of the day on various ‘to dos’ around my RV home. Toward evening I got went over to Disney’s EPCOT.
I didn’t really go to EPCOT for its attractions. I went for fish and chips at the UK Pavilion and to watch the fireworks from over at Disney Hollywood Studios. Since I bought the annual Disney pass earlier in the year, it doesn’t cost me anything more to just drop in to eat dinner.


Flower Bed on the east side of the entry to the World Showcase


Flower Bed on the west side of the entry to the World Showcase

The crowds at EPCOT are heavier than they were last month. This is to be expected since this is another one of the school vacation weeks up north. Disney is getting EPCOT ready for the Flower & Garden festival. It starts on March 2nd. Many of the big flower beds have been planted and some of the topiaries have been put on display. All the flowers make the park look much prettier than it did in January.


Flower Bed on the east side of the entry to the World Showcase


Flower Bed on the east side of the entry to the World Showcase


Lady and the Tramp Topiary

They are busy assembling temporary buildings for some of the bigger events. All of this is hidden from view by curtains and temporary walls. Around the World Showcase many kiosks have been put in place for Flower and Garden shops or displays. Currently they all have generic signs advertising the Flower and Garden Festival. I’ll have to come back during the festival to figure out what they are all about.

The fireworks at Disney’s Hollywood Studios are part of the Star Wars extravaganza that is Disney’s latest. When I watched them from the studios a couple of weeks ago I thought they’d be better from further away. You have the advantage of the music playing, but you are looking up through obstructions like trees. At the EPCOT International Gateway (i.e. the rear entrance) you get a good view of the fireworks over the Eiffel tower of the France Pavilion. I experimented with taking pictures of the fireworks. Some pictures came out OK, but I really need a tripod to steady the camera for the long exposure.

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