Another trip to the Atlantic Coast

Sunday February 21st 2016

I went back to the Atlantic coast today. It was a warm day in the high 70s that started out very clear and gradually got cloudy as the day progressed. Even the light wind at the coast didn’t impact the comfortable nature of the day.
I spent some time watching the action on the Banana and Indian Rivers. The Indian River, closes to the mainland of the two rivers, is the main passage of the Inter-Coastal Waterway in the Titusville area. The river is several miles across in this area and most of the boat traffic is on the far side. There was one curious yacht anchored out on the mainland side. It looked like a large speed boat with a box on the back for the cabins. Judging by a man standing on the bow, it might be 60 feet long but only about 15 feet high from the water line.


Odd looking yacht anchored in the Indian River


Sail boat on the far side of the Indian River

Over on the Banana River there were a lot more recreational activities going on. The boat launching area was busy launching and retrieving smaller boats for fishing and general touring. Sail boarders were taking advantage of the steady wind to get good speed.


Sail Boarder on the Banana River

Late in the afternoon I stopped at Port Canaveral to watch the Cruise ships depart. It was a real traffic jam today. There were four cruise ships departing and one Casino ship docking. The harbor patrol was getting a lot of work keeping the small boats out of the way of the larger ones. Several shrimp boats and party fishing boats were also departing and leaving as the cruise ships maneuvered.


Three of the four cruise ships in Port Canaveral

I enjoy watching the action in the busy port. I have been to the port several times this winter. Each time something different is happening. The one constant is how smoothly the cruise ships are maneuvered away from the dock and out of the port.

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