An afternoon at the Magic Kingdom

Wednesday February 3rd 2016

The weather continued to be conducive to playing tourist, so I went to Disney’s Magic Kingdom this afternoon. I want to get in as much Disney as I can before the northern school vacations and college spring break times start driving the crowd density through the roof. I probably have another week before that influx of visitors starts.

approaching MK

Approaching the Magic Kingdom on the Ferryboat from the parking lot.

I have been to the Magic Kingdom every few years since my first visit in 1972. A lot has changed since my last visit in 2008. The all new expanded Fantasy Land was under construction during my last visit. Now it adds new attractions and changes the layout of that side of the park. I walked through the area, but didn’t ride the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train roller coaster or the Under Sea Journey of the Little Mermaid.
In general, the lines were long and the crowds difficult to navigate. This park seems to have more big family groups that like to stop in the middle of everything to decide what to do next. If they drive the same way the highways would be a continuous traffic jam. Someone in the group should be smart enough to move the conversation to the side of the walkway. (End of Rant)
This morning, when I decided to go to the park, I used the My Disney app on my phone to set up Fastpass for 3 rides. A Fastpass allows you to bypass the lines by showing up at a pre-assigned time. My Fastpasses were for The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh ride, The Jungle Cruise and The Pirates of the Caribbean. Other possible attractions were out of available Fastpass times. Disney Resort guests can reserve Fastpass times up to 60 days in advance so I’m at a disadvantage. I really don’t know if I like Fastpass, but it’s available so I’ll use it.
In addition to my Fastpass attractions, I rode the It’s a Small World attraction and visited the Haunted Mansion. My main reason for going late in the day was to see the Main Street Electric Parade and to watch the Wishes fireworks at the end of the evening.


Dragon Float in the Main Street Electric Parade

The Main Street Electric Parade has all of the floats and the performers decked out in lights. It is a very colorful presentation as it makes its way up main street. It is followed a few minutes later by the fireworks display over the castle. Other than being close enough to see the lights on the castle, I think the fireworks are better from much further away. You can see them better and you aren’t surrounded by thousands of people squished into the walkways around the castle.
I want to go back to the Magic Kingdom to see other things. I really like the theme and density of attractions at the Magic Kingdom, but the distance from the parking lot and the overall crowds detract from my enthusiasm. I’m not sure when I’ll go back. It will either be next week or sometime in March.  Who knows, my plans are made in jello.


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