Settling in and Trouble Shooting

Friday May 26th 2023

It was a dreary unseasonably cool day in Florida. The heavy cloud cover and northeast wind associated with a low pressure system off the Georgia coast kept today’s high temperature in the low seventies. I don’t think it even reached seventy until noon.

The weather slowed me down today. Getting started this morning was a slow process. Eventually I got going and finished the outside setup tasks before getting back to my electric problems. I did some additional trouble shooting and investigation on the Inverter/Charger issue. By cycling power and resetting the inverter I got it to pass AC current through, but the charger side kept cycling on and off inside the unit. I couldn’t leave it like that, so I powered everything down again. The task of getting a mobile tech out to look at the issue is still ongoing. I would prefer a local tech, but the bigger outfits associated with Camping World and other big RV places remain a possibility. I’ve got things configured so I can survive fine for a few days without any real inconvenience while I find the right service option. Not every tech will deal with electrical problems.

Borrowing power from the non inverted fireplace circuit for all my electronics including the TV.
Borrowing power for the residential refrigerator from the microwave circuit. The extension cord comes from inside the RV, out the window and then into the outside access panel for the refrigerator.

This campground has filled up for the holiday weekend. There were a lot of spaces when I arrived yesterday, but this afternoon and evening most of them were filled. The campground has a number of activities planned during the weekend to help celebrate the Memorial Day Holiday. I’m not interested in Tie Died T-Shirts, but somebody must be. There is also a BBQ tomorrow afternoon. I’ll pass on that too.


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