Travel Day and Electric Problems

Thursday May 25th 2023

Today was a travel day. The weather was not the best for travel, but it wasn’t the worst either. On the positive side, there was filtered sunshine and no rain. On the negative side there was a lot of wind. The temperature was in the upper seventies to lower eighties most of the day.

It was only a little over sixty miles of travel today. That included a ten plus mile detour to get gas at the Flying-J. The RV lanes at that chain of fuel stops are very convenient. I had one complication on today’s travel. The latch on my refrigerator failed. From time to time I heard the door flapping and stuff flying out, but at the time I didn’t know what it was. Since there wasn’t any place convenient to stop, I had to wait until I arrived at my destination. The damage wasn’t bad. The only stuff that ended up on the floor were packaged material. The eggs and liquids stayed in the refrigerator.

It was after I started setting up that I discovered today’s real issue. My inverter/charger seems to be broken. Not only was it failing to convert twelve volt DC battery power into AC power, it seems to be preventing the AC shore power from getting to all the outlets. All of the circuits that go through the inverter are dead. That includes the TVs and the refrigerator. For now, I am using power from the non inverter circuits for the electric fireplace and the microwave to power one TV and the refrigerator via extension cords. I’m going to have to find a mobile RV service company to come out and look at the issue. Why do these things always happen around holiday weekends?

Site 22 at the Starke Florida KOA.

I am at the KOA in Starke Florida. This is the same place I spent the Memorial Day holiday last year. Right now, I plan to be here until June 5th, but the issues with my electrical systems may change that departure date.


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