Afternoon at Disney’s EPCOT

Wednesday May 10th 2023

The temperature continued to climb today. It peaked across the ninety degree mark at 91 or 92. The sun was bright in the sky all day. Only a few fluffy clouds appeared from time to time. The forecast late in the day thunderstorms didn’t fall in this area. There are more thunderstorms forecast for tomorrow.

Monorail Blue making the loop through EPCOT

I spent the afternoon at Disney’s EPCOT. This is my favorite of the four Walt Disney World theme parks. It is particularly fun to visit during the International Flower and Garden festival that is going on now. I spent several hours walking around the park enjoying the colorful flowers and topiaries. I rode a couple of rides and watched the Voices of Liberty acapella group a couple of times, but my real reason for the visit was the atmosphere.

Here are some of the beautiful and colorful sights from my visit.


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