Relaxing Day Home at Lake Louisa State Park

Tuesday May 9th 2023

There was a little more humidity today and a couple more degrees of temperature. The TV weather talkers said there were areas that reached ninety degrees today. I wouldn’t be surprised if this area was one of them. Tomorrow is forecast to be warmer.

The lilies are out in the lakes.

This was a low activity day to rest up for another theme park visit tomorrow. That doesn’t mean I didn’t do anything. I took a short hike around the state park. There has been a lot of brush work since I was here twelve weeks ago. In some areas the brush has been completely cut back to ground level. In others, particularly in the campground, the brush has been cut back to about two feet high. That way it continues to provide a barrier to pedestrians, but allows clear sight lines. It was probably done soon after I left in early February since the area is very green with new growth. It looks good.

The campground hasn’t been full the nights I’ve been here. Most of the sites are occupied by short stays. The equipment is often on the light side. It ranges from one person tents to folding trailers. The number of sites occupied by bigger equipment like mine or even larger is in the minority. Tonight of the sites I can see from mine two are empty, two have small tents and one has a converted box trailer. It is a very different atmosphere than during the snowbird season.

Tonight’s sunset.

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