A Cloudy Day for Laundry

Wednesday March 8th 2023

The beautiful sunny weather pattern broke a little today. The day started out cloudy and dull. There were a few brief periods of sun, but overall it wasn’t a fantastic day. Even with the cloud cover the temperature climbed into the mid eighties. Right when I set out on my final walk of the day, the sky opened up for a few minutes. It was enough that I got really wet in the 300 feet I had to navigate in the rain to get back to my RV home. It was over by the time I closed the vents.

Wildflower blossom of the day

The dull weather was perfect for getting a few chores done. The big one was the laundry. I checked the machine availability. Both of the two sets of machines at the nearest restroom were available. By the time I returned to my RV home, gathered the dirty clothes and laundry supplies then returned, one of the two sets was already in use. As I started to load the machine another dude arrived to use the machines. There was clearly a run on doing the laundry today, but I had my place in the queue. The actual time in the machines was only about ninety minutes. Once you add in the prep time, the walking to and from the facility time and putting everything away, it was well over a two hour chore. I did manage to eat a meal during the fifty minute dryer run.

This is my last day at Collier-Seminole State Park. Tomorrow I have a 140 mile drive north to the Bradenton FL area. My target departure time is between 11:30 and noon. Checkout time is 1PM, so I have some leeway. It will be mostly Interstate highway driving. Hopefully I can find a place to fill up the gas tank before I reach the highway.


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