A Few Errands and a Beautiful Sunset

Tueaday March 7th 2023

There were a few more clouds and a little less wind than yesterday, but the temperature still made it into the upper eighties. Along with the clouds came a little more humidity. It still isn’t uncomfortable during the day out of the direct sun. The good news is that the overnight temperature still gets down into good sleeping temperatures in the sixties.

The clouds improve the sunset

My neighbors decided to leave early this morning. Shortly after 7AM I heard the chatter of RVers preparing to depart. Directions like “a little more” and “your clear” filtered in my open bedroom window. I didn’t really know where the voices were coming from and didn’t really care. It was only a brief sleep interruption and I was back to some kind of dreamland. When actually got up an hour or so later the occupants on both sides of me were gone.

I had errands to run in Naples today, but I stopped at the Marsh trial in the Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge to visit the birds on my way. There weren’t as many birds near the trail today, but there were still plenty begging me to take their picture. In particular there were fewer Anhingas and no visible Rosetta Spoonbills. On the positive side the Ospry was perched at the top of a tall tree watching everything.

It was very busy in the shopping area I visit in the outskirts of Naples. The area at the intersection of the main access route to Marco Island and the Tamiami trail is a major attraction. I suspect it gets a lot of Marco Island shoppers judging by all of the high end cars in the lot. There also seems to be as many northern license plates on the cars as there are Florida tags.

I stopped at Walmart to top off my grocery supplies. I am attempting to get my supplies on the same schedule so I run out of things in a predictable order. Over the last few weeks I have managed to get out of sequence. It isn’t fun to run out of veggies while you still have meat or run out of milk before you need to buy anything else. I only bought a few things, but the time and money spent would not prove it. My ten mile trip to town including a relatively brief stop at the Marsh trail was over three hours.


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