A Lazy Monday

Monday March 6th 2023

It was another dry, sunny and warm day. It hasn’t rained in the area since right after I arrived in South Florida over two weeks ago. A burn ban was put in place yesterday. The park staff put up signs prohibiting open fires. There is no rain in forecast. The temperature peaked in the upper eighties.

Wildflower blossom of the day

Today turned out to be a very lazy day. I intended to do a load of laundry, but found all three sets of machines in use when I checked after breakfast. One of the restroom buildings have two sets of washers and dryers and the other restroom building has a third set. I intended to check again later in the day, but it was near four in the afternoon before I got back to the task. It didn’t matter the machines were still in use. They may have been available in between my checks. I’ll have to try again before I leave here on Thursday. If my memory serves me faithfully, there isn’t a laundry at my next stop.

Walking around the campground today, it occurred to me that this park has a lot of Canadian visitors. There are many Ontario and Quebec license plates. The units range from tents to big fifth wheel trailers and motorhomes. I have seen a lot of Canadians this winter, but the percentage here is higher than other places. The tent campers are particularly interesting. It is at least a three day drive from Canada and I doubt they used the tents before they were well south. Either way they deserve some warm weather compared to the temperatures north of the boarder.

The kayakers and boaters must have paddled their energy out over the weekend. The river access was very quiet today. Both times I walked to the water there weren’t any boats in the water. There were a few people fishing from shore. The species of fish in the boat basin likes to jump out of the water. Watching the fish jump encourages anglers to try their luck. Some of the jumping fish are a foot long. I haven’t seen anyone catch anything since I’ve been here.


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