A Relaxing Saturday at Home

Saturday February 25th 2023

Then TV weather forecast last night presented a very hot picture for today. It didn’t turn out as extreme as they indicated. The temperature only reached the mid eighties under bright sunshine. If the temperature set records, it wasn’t here.

The only blossoms I have seen in the park are in a flower bed planted and maintained by the park volunteers organization.

The campground has been very active today. There seem to be several extended family groups occupying neighboring sites throughout the park. The closeness of the sites makes this park ideal for gatherings. That combination resulted in lots of noise and activity. On one walk around the campground, I passed three different corn hole games.

Impressive wooden bald eagle statue in the flower garden.

At the water access many kayaks and small boats were launched as evidenced by empty roof racks and boat trailers. The actual boats were all out of site down the narrow channel in the mangroves. I walked out a trail that paralleled the channel behind the mangroves. The trail went from wide and well traveled to narrow and impassable in a few feet after I’d walked a quarter mile or more. I only managed to get a few brief glimpses of the water through the mangroves. The purpose of the trail to nowhere is a mystery.

Great Blue Heron perched high off the ground to get a little bit of sleep.

It was a relaxing day overall. I seemed to alternate between eating and walking. First there was breakfast followed by a walk to the water access area. Then there was lunch followed by a walk around the campground loops. After another light meal, I returned to the water access area to check for evening wildlife action. The same Great Blue Heron seemed to be in the same branch of a tree as last night.


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