Settling in at Collier-Seminole State Park

Friday February 24th 2023

The temperature continues to set record highs in various reporting areas around Florida. In this immediate area there were enough clouds to keep things comfortable. Just as it started to warm up a cloud would block the sun long enough to keep the temperature from spiking. The temperature peaked in the mid to upper eighties. This trend is forecast continue for the next week.

Tonight’s sunset

I spent the day getting re-familiar with Collier Seminole State Park. It was the fall of 2020 the only other time I visited this park. The only significant difference is the occupancy of the campground. In the fall it wasn’t full every night, but this time of year availability is in short supply. This is an old style campground. Many of the sites are small and close to other sites. In the middle of the camping loops the sites are very random in location. The back of one site is often very close to the side of another. My site is on the outer side of the loop which is better spaced with bigger sites. Even so, I had to use extensions to reach both the electric and water hookups. In modern designed sites power and water hookups are better located for today’s RVs.

Channel toward the Gulf of Mexico

Access to the water is a good walk from my site. I haven’t measured the distance, but it seems to be about a half mile away. The water is tidal. It seems to rise and fall about four feet judging from the floating docks. A channel leads to the Gulf of Mexico west of Marco Island. It is several miles long. The canoe and kayak rental doesn’t seem to be open, but many of the campers seemed to come prepared with their own equipment.

The park also has several historical displays. I will revisit those over the next few days. I doubt that what was history two plus years ago has changed. Revisionist history usually only applies to concepts not artifacts.


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