Getting Reacquainted with the Campground

Friday February 17th 2023

The temperature tide the record high for this date in the Orlando area. It was 88 degrees this afternoon. There was a lot of bright sunshine and a strong wind late in the day. The front is forecast to pass through overnight with little to no fan fare. Tomorrow will be cooler.

This campground has had quiet a few improvements since my last visit in the spring. When I was here they had started to build a new playground and were trimming the big low hanging trees. Those tasks have been completed and they have also paved all the roads. Some of the sites have new gravel and most sites seem to have new picnic tables. They still seem to be actively making improvements. A fencing company is currently working around the office and pool buildings.

The other difference is the occupancy of the campground. My other stays have been in the fall or spring. There were many available sites at those times. On this visit all of the sites seem to be full although there was turnover this morning. The occupancy is probably because this is the peak of the snowbird season for northerners in Florida. The other possibility is the holiday weekend. The fact that this is a holiday weekend is a surprise to me. I wasn’t thinking anything about presidents day.

Traffic in the area is also at a peak. This park is located at the major intersection of Interstate 4 and US 27. There are four lanes of traffic in both directions on US27 as well as six traffic lights in about a mile. I waited for two cycles at most of them today. At least half of the cars seem to be from out of state. It makes getting anywhere a much slower process.

I’m still working on catching up on my sleep. I haven’t broken the habit of getting up early and going to bed late that I established over the last week at Walt Disney World. Despite trying to get to sleep earlier and sleep longer I seemed to only sleep the same short amount of time. I’ll try again tonight.


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