Saying Good bye to Fort Wilderness

Thursday February 16th 2023

Today began warm in the sixties and climbed into the mid eighties. Warm weather for working outside preparing for travel and setting up at the other end isn’t ideal, but it is better than rain. The current weather trend is forecast to break tomorrow with the arrival of another storm front.

I said good bye to Fort Wilderness today. Departure from the fort is a little more complicated than other places. It isn’t really possible to hook up the car anywhere near my campsite. I use the overflow parking area about half a mile from my campsite. To accomplish this I need to drive the car out to the parking lot and take the campground bus back to my camping loop. Then I finish preparing the motorhome and drive it out to the overflow parking lot to mate up with the toad. I also took advantage of the parking lot to kill time from the 11AM checkout time to the 1PM check in time at my next stop less than twenty miles away.

The shortest distance between the two locations proved to be the longer time wise. I elected to use Interstate 4 to avoid all the traffic lights on the other route. Instead of an easier trip, most of the distance on I-4 was in stop and go traffic through construction. I suspect the traffic light route would have been less stressful. I arrived at the Orlando Southwest KOA at 1:45PM. I’ve stayed here many times before. It is a good filler between state park stays. This time I’ll be here until Sunday.

Site 35 at the Orlando Southwest KOA.

I enjoyed my stay at Fort Wilderness and my visits to the theme parks. Now I need to catch up on my rest. The nature of the place calls for early mornings and late nights. Even though I was back in my RV home every afternoon, the fatigue adds up. Yesterday I was falling asleep in the dark queue area for Avatar Flight of Passage. It is not surprising that you see lots of kids sleeping in carriages and others having a meltdown. The over tired adults are a little harder to identify. You see rude behavior, but it is hard to know if that is tiredness or their natural behavior.


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