Disney’s Hollywood Studios and EPCOT

Tuesday February 14th 2023

Today’s temperature was one of extremes. This morning it was about fifty degrees. By afternoon it was in the high seventies only to drop quickly into the sixties when the sun set. All of this made dressing for the temperature a real challenge. I left my RV home for the theme park in a long sleeve shirt and sweatshirt. By mid morning I was carrying the sweatshirt and wishing I had a short sleeve shirt on. For my afternoon and evening trip back into the theme park I wore a short sleeve shirt and carried my sweatshirt. I put it on shortly after sunset.

Before I departed for Hollywood Studios this morning I tried unsuccessfully to make another reservation in a Florida State Park for next winter. The new web interface continues to frustrate me. This morning, no only was I unsuccessful, but the attempt delayed my trip to Hollywood Studios long enough that the wait times for rides was through the roof by the time I go there. I still haven’t been on Star Wars Rise of the Resistance despite several attempts. Waiting an hour or even a little longer would have been acceptable today, but the listed wait time was 120 minutes. Later in the day it was down.

I saw a couple of shows and road Toy Story Mania after a reasonable wait. I’m not very good at hitting the targets from the ride vehicle. My score was below average. After the ride the heat and my lack of food necessitated a return to my RV home for the rest of the afternoon.

In the evening I returned to Epcot. My goal was to watch the Harmonious nighttime show for the last time. Disney has announced that the last show will be at the beginning of April. I like the show content, but I don’t like the location. The show is only completely visible from a limited number of locations around the World Showcase lagoon. If you aren’t in one of those locations you don’t get the full value of the show. I think Disney understands that fact and is replacing after only a short run.


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