Disney’s Animal Kingdom and Hollywood Studios

Monday February 13th 2023

The temperature got down into the forties overnight. It was fifty five inside my RV home at 7AM. I returned to my warm bed changing my plans for the day. The temperature reached seventy about 4PM, but dropped rapidly back into the fifties as soon as the sun set. Tonight is forecast to be back in the forties.

My original plan was to be at Disney’s Animal Kingdom for early opening for resort guests at 8:30AM. When I went back to bed this morning that plan went out the window. It was 8:30 when I finally got out of bed. The only thing that broke my slumber was the noise in the campground. I found out why the nearby sites were empty last night. A tree service arrived the first thing this morning to remove a big tree. They needed the sites empty to get access to the three foot diameter tree.

Random Animals at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

I set out for the Animal Kingdom about 9:15AM. It took two buses to get there. They first bus is the internal campground bus and the second is the bus from the front of the resort to the Animal Kingdom. Both buses arrived with very little wait time. I arrived at the Animal Kingdom a little before 10AM and found myself in a long line just to get into the park. It was an indicator of things to come. Everything had a long wait time. I walked around the entire park viewing the animals along the trails. The wait for the safari ride was over 80 minutes, so I never checked out those animals. The other thing I did during my visit was watch the Lion King Show.

Lion King Show Pictures

After an enjoyable, but not terribly productive few hours at the Animal Kingdom, I returned to my RV home for some food and park down time. Around 5PM I set out for Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The bus connections didn’t work as well. It took a full hour to get to the studios from Fort Wilderness. My goal for the evening was to watch Fantasmic, the night time show. I wandered around the park, had some food and got a seat for the 8PM show. Fantasmic was fantastic.

Hollywood Studios and Fantasmic Pictures


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