Oil Change and a New Battery

Monday January 30th 2023

The warm weather trend continued today. The day began around sixty degrees and peaked in the low eighties this afternoon. The seasonal normal is in the low seventies. The warm weather is supposed to be the result of a southwest wind, but there didn’t seem to be much wind at all today. It is very nice weather.

Today’s task was getting some service performed on my car. It was in need of an oil change and a new battery. On the cold days over the last month it has resisted starting and after getting towed here behind my motorhome it refused to crank over. The draw on the battery during towing was enough to kill it. I have a portable auxiliary battery jumper that I had to use when I arrived here on Thursday. The battery is a little over 5 years old. The last time I replaced it was in Las Vegas in January 2018. This afternoon I went to the local Valvoline Instant Oil change for both services. I now have fresh oil and a new battery.

There was a lot more turn over in the campground today. Some had been here for a few days and a few only arrived yesterday. The line at the dumping station was several RVs long near the 1PM checkout time. When I returned to the park late this afternoon most of the empty sites were already full. While I was out for my pre-sunset walk more arrived. I’m sure the park will be full once again tonight.


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