A Sunny Sunday

Sunday January 29th 2023

Friday was cold, yesterday was warming up and today was a little on the warm side. The bright sun warmed the air to eighty degrees and maybe a little beyond. It was a beautiful day and would have been better if I was dressed for the warmth. Heavy long pants were not the proper attire for the weather, but I came to the conclusion too late to make the change.

A sunny Sunday on the lake for some.

The campground went through its end of weekend metamorphosis today. The weekenders form the local area were replaced by travelers. A lot of today’s arrivals were from Canada. It looks like the Canadian snowbirds are back at normal levels. During the 2020-2021 winter they were basically nonexistent. With the land boarder closed because of the pandemic that winter, I think I only saw two Canadian license plates all winter. Last winter the boarder opened in November of 2021. I recall seeing a lot of Canadian plates a few days after the opening, but throughout the winter the total number seemed to be way down. This winter the level seems to be back to pre-pandemic levels and maybe more.

My exercise level today was reduced from yesterday’s. Somewhere along the way yesterday I must have twisted my leg or something. While walking today, my knee wasn’t as happy as it should be. It wasn’t bad, just annoying. My walks were restricted to the campground. I walked over to the fishing piers on the two lakes a couple of times today. There were plenty of people trying their luck at fishing and renting kayaks to explore the lake.

The sun brought the turtles out to warm up on the dead longs along the lake shore. In past visits I’ve seen an alligator on some of the logs, but today it wasn’t around. I’ll keep watching for the alligator during my stay here.


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